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Pull Tarp Installation Guide

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Parts Checklist

1 x Pull Tarp Kit

1 x 5 Metre Rope

4 x Rope Cleats

2 x Rear Cleats

2 x Pull Tarp Rear Guides


Thankyou for puchasing the Truck Tarps Warehouse Pull Tarp.

Please note that the following instructions are offered as a guide to installation only and are there to assist those who are already skilled in metal fabrication. Please do not attempt to fit this system unless you are adequately trained, accompanied, and wearing the approrpiate health and safety attire.

Please contact us on 1300 795 112 should you require any assistance with the fitting of this product and one of our installers will be able to help with your enquiries.

Please read this post in its entirety prior to fitment to gain a general idea of how to fit the system and how it operates.

Step 1

Choose the Mounting Location

In general the Pull Tarp housing should be mounted as far forward as possible so that the housing is out of the way during loading. The Pull Tarp housing should be mounted in a position that allows the axle assembly enough room to roll up the tarp at the front of the truck body. The Pull Bar is designed to travel along the top rail of the truck body and this should also be considered when choosing the mounting location.

Step 2 

Installing the Pull Tarp Box

The Pull Tarp mounting brackets are suitable for welding (as provided) or bolting to the housing in which case 4 angled brackets are provided for this purpose. Attaching the housing will depend on the type of truck body and the mounting location selected in Step 1.

Step 3

Installing the Tarp

The Pull Tarp system will be supplied with the tarp installed and pre-tensioned straight out of the box. In the situation where the tarp has not been supplied or you are replacing the tarp follow these instructions carefully to avoid over tensioning the system.

Lay the tarp out ensuring that the hems are folded underneath or the addition side flaps are on top of the tarp. Feed the tarp into the slot on the axle assembly and align the tarp centrally between the housing entrance.




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